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Friendship.  Sustainability.  Exquisite Quality.

Friendship. Sustainability. Exquisite Quality.

Nature brings us together. A commitment to protect our environment drives us.


"They're lovely!"

Jaimie Hilton

"I can't decide if I should ski with them or hang them on my wall."

Ford Sledge

These poles have sparked many conversations on the chairlift. It's always, "Rad poles! Are those bamboo?"

Micah Swanson


How long will it take to build my poles?

If we have the bamboo in stock, we can build a set of poles in a day. Then, it takes another 4-6 days for laser engraving, final finishing and waterproofing, and quality control prior to shipping. In all, expect an average ship time of 1-2 weeks after you place your order.

Do I need a standard size basket or a powder basket?

We recommend sticking with a standard basket if you're mainly skiing on groomed runs. For backcountry, side country, and off-piste skiers, having a powder basket is a nice option. If you live in an area like Utah, a powder basket is a must. Much of it comes down to personal preference -- we like the low swing weight of the standard size basket for most situations. Our powder baskets are WAY oversized at 120mm! These are super useful on powder days, but the extra swing weight can be tiresome for all-day resort skiers.

Why is Bamboo better?

Bamboo is sustainable, meaning there's little to no impact to the environment. Calcutta bamboo, the type of bamboo we use, is approximately 25% stronger than aluminum, and lighter. Bamboo poles are much more flexible than aluminum, and therefore less likely to break. The strength to weight ratio, along with the flexibility and response, makes bamboo a far superior material for ski poles.

How long will my poles last?

We build our poles to last a lifetime. With proper care, bamboo poles will serve you for life. Our poles are built to a higher level of durability than our competitors. We apply a UV protective layer and 4 layers of waterproofing to our poles. Our ferules, handles, and straps are securely anchored and mounted to the bamboo so as to never fail.

If Bamboo is so much better, why aren't all ski poles made of it?

Great question! The answer is simple. Bamboo poles are rather expensive and time consuming to produce. This means the profit margins are much lower, which means the bigger companies won't make them. It's easy to extrude aluminum poles for a few cents a pole and make a massive profit. Bamboo poles take time because they have to be hand-made. The labor involved, as well as the raw cost of materials, makes bamboo a less desirable option if your only concern is making money. We make bamboo poles for you because we love their beauty, strength, and sustainability. Our poles are crafted with care and attention to detail. Our primary goal is to "delight the customer" with exquisite quality and durability. Although our profit margins are much lower than the companies producing aluminum poles, we're putting our sweat and faith into the idea that you'll fall in love with our products and become a customer for life.