Meet the Team

Matt Milholen

Matt is the founder and CEO of OGTOG performance bamboo. As a combat veteran, ski instructor, and US Ski Patroller, Matt brings his vision of exquisite quality, unyielding commitment to our customers, and a promise to add value to the local community.

Micah Swanson

As an Army Major, backcountry skier, former ski racer, and professional musician, Micah brings a good mix of raw badassery and geeky A/V talent to the OGTOG crew.

Jaimie Hilton

Jaimie brings organization and sanity to the OGTOG crew. As a professional mountain guide, avid alpine skier, and lover of everything outdoors, her expertise drives excellence and commitment to the customer to always deliver quality.

J.D. Eskelson

A 38 year long combat Army veteran, former professional adventure racer, ski instructor, and solo mountaineer, JD has story upon story of backcountry adventures. From Deer Valley to remote Utah chutes, JD is the ultimate product tester.

Ryan Schweitzer

Ryan is a Marine, avid backcountry ski-tourer, snowmobiler, alpine skier, and loves the outdoors. He puts our gear to the ultimate test in the Wasatch Range of Northern Utah. You'll find him hunting untouched powder most weekends in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.

Justin Wa

Justin is an active duty Air Force SERE instructor, active US ski patroller, and all-around ski-mo expert. When he's not rescuing downed pilots, he's saving lives at his local resort, and proudly rocking OGTOG bamboo poles.

Reid Allen

We could write a novel about Reid Allen. Active duty Air Force SERE instructor, US ski patroller, and former mountain bike racer, Reid brings enormous expertise to our team. OGTOG performance bamboo poles meet Reid's daily demands.